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Facebook Stats for Your Business
By: June Bachman ~ 8/4/2010

A recent study about Facebook usage will help businesses figure out the best day of the week to post to their Facebook Fan pages.


The best time to post to your Facebook Fan page is Tuesday or Wednesday.  These days offer the highest click through rates (CTR).

  • Tuesday = 9.98% CTR
  • Wednesday = 9.97% CTR

The worst days are Thursday, Saturday and Friday.

  • Thursday = 4.39% CTR
  • Saturday = 2.7% CTR
  • Friday = 2.67% CTR

It is also interesting to note that age affects click through rates. 

  • 13-17:   40% click links
  • 18-24:   30% click links
  • 25-34:   14% click links
  • 35-44:   10% click links
  • 45-54:   4% click links
  • 55-plus: 2% click links

And finally, women click through more than men.

  • Female: 56%
  • Male:     44%

What is most important to note, is that these click through rates far exceed traditional online ad click through rates.  Your goal should be to build a Facebook Fan page for your business, work hard to grow your fan base, and then be strategic about when you post your information and offers.