Tips and Tricks for Getting More Out of Pinterest

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Tips and Tricks for Getting More Out of Pinterest
By: June Bachman ~ 12/30/2013


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If your marketing niche includes women between 18 – 45, then your business marketing plan needs to include Pinterest!  Here are a few tips and tricks for getting more from your Pinterest efforts.


  • Add Cover Images to Your Boards
    • Choose one pin from your board as your cover image
    • Drag it around until it looks great
    • Cover images needs to be the appropriate size
    • If you add text to your image, the text should be within 217x417 pixels


  • Rearrange Boards
    • Place your most important boards at the top of your page. This tells users what about your boards quickly, and helps them determine if they want to follow you
    • Board arrangement also helps you build the audience of potential followers that you really desire


  • Invite Guest Pinners
    • One board could be a board for guest pinners (like a group board)
    • This helps you build relationships, attract more followers and increases engagement


  • Share and Optimize Pins
    • After you've created your boards … add pins to your boards - quality, relevant pins
    • Write long descriptions explaining what the pins are, include your thoughts and what the pin links to -  if the user clicks on them
    • Use keyword phrases in the descriptions


  • Promote your Pinterest Brand Page On your website
    • Add the follow button Add the profile widget
    • Add the board widget The widgets are 10 - 20 times bigger than the follow button - and stand out
    • To learn how to make widgets -


  • Grow your email marketing list using pinterest
    • Add an image of your freebie pdf you offer to pinterest and link it to your website email signup page.  The user signs up for the freebie and then you send them your online free product.  A great way to grow your email marketing contact list.