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Loved Your Book! I loved your book and am looking for various ways to increase our Google ranking . . . so thank you for an amazing resource!!

Angelique Saffle    

CONVERT! Visitors into Buyers

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$20 (printed)
$15 (eletronic download)

Everything you need to know to SELL online!

  • Looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Know you need more content ... but don't know where to start?
  • Confused by all the fancy technical jargon?
  • Have more time than money right now?

bWyse 6 Steps to Sell More Online ... is written just for you!... is written just for you!

  • Tune up your website - get it ready to go!
  • Define your niche market and determine your USP
  • Drive YOUR customers to your website
  • Build a community and your contact database
  • CONVERT website visitors into buyers!



If your goal is to drive sales through your website, then you must commit to strengthening your community.  Your community is defined as the website visitors who are so interested, even excited about your business, and products and services that they are willing to provide you with their email address, so as not to miss future opportunities that you offer.  Simply put, there are six steps that you can follow to strengthen your community, and subsequently increase your online sales.


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