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Pinterest: New Social Networking Website
By: June Bachman ~ 1/24/2012 5:00:00 PM


When things show up in my life, or cross my path, I try to listen.  In the past two weeks, I’ve heard the word “Pinterest” twice, from two different sources.  The first time I was meeting with a prospective client who, is well known in the vintage and antique world.  They asked me if I was familiar with Pinterest, a new social networking site where you can share photographs.  I made a mental note to myself that I needed to explore it, and learn more.  The second time was just the other day, when our client, Susan Halstead of Halstead Studios, sent me an email asking how to pin photos from her website to her Pinterest board.  That time I highlighted my mental note and decided it was time to write a blog about this new vehicle for connecting with others using photographs.

What is Pinterest?

  • Online vision board – where you can organize and share the things you love.
    • Images are grouped on your page to create an online inspiration board.
  • Newest social network for sharing photographs.
    • It's been around for about two years, but in the past few months has exploded in popularity.
    • In December 2011 Pinterest made the list of the Top Ten Social Networks.
  • Pinterest is both a website and application (for your smart phone)

Demographics of Pinterest users (great if you want to advertise!)

  • 58% female
  • Ages 25 – 44
  • User like to spend time decorating their homes
  • Users also like to share their favorite recipes

How Pinterest works:

  • Some terminology, so you'll feel at home:
    • Pin – an imaged added to Pinterest.  You can upload images from your computer, or link to an image from a website.  You can also add captions to your pins.
    • Repin –Pinterest users can repin each other’s pins, sharing content virally.
    • Board – Where your pins live.  You can have separate boards for different topics.
  • Use Pinterest to:
    • Plan your next vacation
    • Redecorate your home
    • Create your next dinner party menu
    • Plan your wedding
    • Save your inspirations
    • Share creative ideas

How to Get Started

  • Visit to request to be invited to become a member.  You’ll receive an email within a few days.
  • Build a list of other Pinterests that you’d like to follow.  This will also dteremine what appears on your homepage.

Stay tuned ... I'll write a follow up post as soon as I'm granted access to the network.  I'm looking forward to creating an visual board that will inspire small businesses to expand their internet marketing!

If you're already on Pinterest, please post a comment and share the link so we can all view your inspiration boards!