On July 28th, Google Will Turn Off Unverified Business Listings!

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On July 28th, Google Will Turn Off Unverified Business Listings!
By: June Bachman ~ 7/23/2015 9:05:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_GoogleMyBizVerified.pngOnce again, Google is doing some housekeeping.  This Tuesday, on July 28th, Google will begin removing UNVERIFIED Google+ Business pages from its system.

First and foremost … is your Google My Business (G+ page for your business) page verified?

To Check …. Go to your Google+ page for your business, and look for the check mark in the shield icon.  

Go to Google My Business - https://www.google.com/business/ Sign In Using Your Google Account

Just being verified isn’t enough …

If you Google+ page has been verified, terrific!  All you need to do in order to retain the verification is to post regularly … be active, on your Google+ page.  No regular activity may result in Google removing your verification.

If You Need to Get Your Page Verified …

Here is a great resource where Google guides you through the verification steps. https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en

And as always, if you would like assistance with this process, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’d love to help!