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Colors that Inspire Users to Take Action on Your Website
By: June Bachman ~ 2/10/2016 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_ColorPalleteA.jpgAre you tired of all of the BLUE website out there?  It stands to reason, since blue is the universal color for ‘all things corporate’ – it has been used quite a lot in website designs.  Keep this in mind, as you pursue the bWyse website.  As Wendy often says, “It’ a color assault!”  Yes, indeed, we do use a variety of bright colors; in part, because Wendy and I are the furthest thing away from “corporate”.  What do your website colors say about your brand?

There are as many opinions about color, as there are colors!  But, here are a few descriptions to keep in mind when working on your website design.

Orange Even though, in general, orange is one of the least liked colors by both men and women alike, it is the best color for the “Buy Now” button on your eCommerce web site.  Orange conveys warmth and optimism … and is a good contrast color that easily can stand out on the page – making that purchase button stand out among the content on your web page.

Pink If your target niche is young females, then pink should be incorporated into your design.  Not to mention that pink inspires a calming effect.

White This is probably the most popular background color of all web sites out there!  It is like a blank canvas where the content and images can really “pop”.  Additionally, white connotes integrity.

To learn more about the meaning of colors visit the Color Wheel site: