Can a Bad Review, Be GOOD for Your Business?

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Can a Bad Review, Be GOOD for Your Business?
By: June Bachman ~ 5/14/2016 9:00:00 AM

bWyseBlog_OnlineReviews.jpgIf you are anything like Wendy and I … we want nothing but the best of reviews online describing the customer service experience we have with our customers.  However, try as we might, even we aren’t able to delight 100% of everyone, 100% of the time.  And, over the years, on rare occasion, we have received a negative review.

Recently, my perspective that my reviews need to be perfect has been challenged.  And, we even had the opportunity to meet with a potential customer because of the negative review.  I’m not purporting that you don’t have to worry about your negative reviews … but I am saying to give yourself a break, and instead try to look at bad reviews in this light:

Take reviews at face value … they are feedback given by customers who have identified potential areas for improvement of your business.  The reviewer may actually provide key insight that will make your business better.  Look at reviews as yet another opportunity to listen to your customers.

Bad reviews make your business look real.  Too many good reviews, or if everything everyone has to say about your products or services is delightfully complimentary, your online review page actually runs the risk of looking fake.  This actually results in a decrease in trust of your business.

In short – don’t be afraid to monitor and manage your online reputation.  In the long run, it is a very powerful way to share information about your business with your prospective customers.