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YOU`RE INVITED! Small Business Networking
By: June Bachman ~ 1/25/2012 4:45:00 PM

As an Internet Marketing company, Wendy and I do a lot of different things to market and promote our business using the Internet.  However, one of the most powerful tactics we’ve employed to grow our business, doesn’t use the Internet.

During our first year of business we tried EVERYTHING to market bWyse and let the world knew we were here to help the small business owner.  Wendy reminded me just the other day that I employed the spaghetti strategy.  I through everything at the wall that I could think of, to determine what would stick.  A few things worked, others didn’t.

About eighteen months after starting our company, we were invited to visit a networking group.  Of course I jumped at the chance to tell even more businesses that we existed, and Wendy and I attended the meeting.  Imagine my delight to learn that a group of twenty-five professionals were committed to helping one another grow their businesses.  The philosophy of this networking was relationship based.  Get to know each other and each other’s business so well, that you would be able to refer your friends, family, colleagues and customers to members of the group.  I’d have twenty-five other business professionals listening on my behalf for businesses that needed website help.  This was incredible!  So exciting!  Better than I could have imagined!  They had me at, “Hello.”  Who do I make the check out to – to join?

(Hear: SREECHING BRAKES!)  Wasn’t Wendy on the same page I was on?  Wasn’t this the most amazing experience that we could have had to help grow our businesses?  Uhh … not so much.  While I was busy dreaming of how well this could work for our business, Wendy got stuck on the part that we would have to commit to attend a networking meeting EVERY week.  I can still hear her saying, “Seriously?!  You’re kidding right?  Like we have time to go to a networking meeting EVERY week.”  But nothing was going to dampen my enthusiasm.  “No problem Wendy.”  I heard myself saying.  “I’ll go EVERY week.  You can choose when you want to go.  It will work out perfectly!”  So with Wendy bemoaning my excitement, we joined.

Well, something must have gone right … because here it is, over eight years later, and we are still BOTH attending our weekly networking meeting.  And, it only took a few weeks for Wendy to actually become a bigger advocate of our weekly meeting than I am.
If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, or know a small business owner who’d love to grow theirs … our weekly meeting is open to guests!

Thursdays, 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Family Pancake House
17621 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA, 98052