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Aspire Natural Health Dr. Tim Gerstmar
By: June Bachman ~ 2/22/2012 3:15:00 PM

Dr. Tim Gerstmar Aspire Natural HealthDr. Tim Gerstmar is a local naturopathic doctor located in downtown Redmond.  His practice is called Aspire Natural Health.  Wendy and I met Dr. Gerstmar a couple of years ago when he visited our weekly business networking group, and subsequently joined.  As a digestive health and autoimmune disorder specialist, over the years, Wendy and I have learned way more than we thought possible about good digestive health – at the breakfast table!

This past Thursday was Dr. Gerstmar’s turn to share his eight minute presentation to the members of the networking group.  Dr. G is a fantastic presenter … complete with slides, entertaining anecdotes and great information.  Wendy and I both really enjoyed his talk.  But what struck us most interesting was his approach to the topic.  Typically when presenting, our members teach each other more about their business, so that we can be better listeners and make connections between the speaker, and people we encounter who may need their services. 

This week, however, Dr. G’s presentation was titled, “Five Ways to Put Me Out of Business”.  It was a fantastic approach to remind each of us what we should be doing each day to care for our health.  And, it also made it extremely clear that if we know of others who may be struggling in the areas described, Dr. G’s naturopathic talents may be able to assist in finding resolution.

Simple and straightforward, here are the five things that will put Dr. G out of business:

  • Eat Real Food – Try to avoid processed foods and fast foods.  See out whole and natural foods.
  • Sleep at least seven and a half hours each night – This is the average amount that adults need.  Dr. Gerstmar noted that over the past 100 years, the length of time that we sleep at night has been getting shorter and shorter.
  • Move – Fantastic if you can exercise, but even if you can’t … get up and move.  Simple little things like parking farther away can help.
  • Manage Stress – We all know about this one … certainly one of the more difficult ones to accomplish.
  • Positive Relationships – Dr. Gerstmar encourages us to take note of our relationships.  If you don’t have enough positive and supportive relationships do something … fix them, or cut them loose.  It’s important to have healthy relationships in your life.

Dr. Gerstmar is an avid blogger.  If you’d like to know more check out his blog and Facebook Fan Page.  Or, if you know of someone who might have a question for him, Dr. G offers a free 15 minute phone consultation.