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Essential Education Susan Evans
By: June Bachman ~ 5/2/2012 9:45:00 AM

One of the sweetest, most passionate women Wendy and I know is Susan Evans of Essential Education Enterprises.  Susan Evans works with people of all ages to ensure that they maximize their lives, achieving balance in health, family, society, mind and finances.
Susan's passion is working with kids with health challenges.  Her products have helped children with autism and diabetes.  Another of her products helps those with osteo problems.  The product was developed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Niairain Naidu.  He has developed a product that has produced amazing results.  OsteoDenx is the only product with a patented system Syno-portin technology that supports natural bone tissue growth. It literally helps rebuild bone density.
Wendy and I have both used Susan's products.  Although it seems mysterious, and it truly doesn't make sense to me the products really do work!  I use the magnets in my tennis shoes - to keep my feet energized and going all day long.  I also where a magnet bracelet which amazingly improved my sleep quality. 

Focusing on specific vital areas [air, water, sleep, energy, light, and nutrition], Susan offers Nikken solutions that are practical, tested, state of the art, and affordable to everyone's lifestyle.  She am happy to assist you design healthier living and working spaces. Nikken is a proud partner with Healthy Child, Healthy World.

You can visit Susan's website, or contact her directly at 206-384-3145