Travel Rx Bag - Designed by Nurses!

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Travel Rx Bag - Designed by Nurses!
By: June Bachman ~ 4/15/2016 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_travelrx_black.jpgThis week’s client highlight is all about Travel Rx Bag.  Two nurses designed a special carry-on medication bag to make traveling with all your first aid and medication needs super easy!

Throughout their nursing experience, Bev and Chris have encountered patients whose health and peace of mind has suffered when they left or lost their personal prescribed medications. With the goal of helping to ensure you have a safe and healthy trip where ever it is you’ve decided to go, they have designed a convenient carry-on medication bag to help organize your medications for the travel.

As nurses, they both come from a tradition of empowering patients and their families through education. That’s why in addition to telling you how the wonderful carry-on medication bag can help you or a loved-one travel safely with both prescription and OTC drugs, they have also included some tips for healthier travel along with links to websites that can offer additional information about traveling with certain health conditions.

BWYSEBLOG_Bev_headshot.jpgBWYSEBLOG_Chris_headshot.jpgBev has worked on the med-surgical floors, she spent several years on a Healthline, answering health questions and triaging symptoms. I've retired with a medical disability as of May 2012. I look forward to new horizons!!

Chris has 25 years experience in the Special Care Nursery, 11 years in the surgical/pre admit area. Happily retired as of April 2013!!!

Before your next trip … be sure to order your Travel Rx Bag!