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The Bizness of Biznik
By: Teresa Mitchell, Wendy Ogryzek, June Bachman ~ 4/1/2008

Social networking, it’s the hottest commodity on the internet, and we found a site that we think you should join.  Think My Space, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube – all hugely successful, domains that connect people with people.  However, Seattle has a startup that we believe is more newsworthy and valuable to our clients.  Where Linked In targets corporate ladder climbers,, is a networking site for “indies” (small businesses or “one-person” shows).  To use their words, “. . . networking that doesn’t suck.”

As a small business with one or twenty employees at you can build relationships, promote your business, share your experience and connect with your customers.  Plus, you can:

  • Create a business profile
  • Ask for what you need
  • Share information
  • Publish articles
  • Expand your referral network
  • Gather industry specific tips
  • Learn how to manage your business from the   experience of other Biznik members
  • Share business tips
  • Engage in “radical self-promotion”

For a profile example, check out bWyse’s business profile growing and network -- visit .  You’ll see who bWyse is, what bWyse needs, who bWyse knows and what bWyse does best.  Select the “Members” tab and see just how many people you already know who are a part of the Biznik community.

Biznik was founded by Dan McComb and Lara Eve Feltin, he an indie web-developer and she an indie photographer.  As independent businesses they primarily worked in isolation. Isolation that at times could feel more like solitary confinement.  Out of that isolation they saw an underserved niche in the social networking market. uses the Not-Just-For-Profit business model that while it encourages profit making, it discourages greed. (
The folks at Biznik value collaboration over competition and beyond the obvious networking and referral opportunities the site offers, they’ve created a knowledge transfer tool they call “events.”  bWyse likes to think of them as targeted networking and lead generators because everyone who attends an event hosted by you wants to be there, wants to learn what you know and undoubtedly has a need for what you sell or service.

Any Biznik member can hold an event, an opportunity to share your expertise with others who want to learn about what you do and what you know.  Think of an event as a condensed version of what you learned about designing, building and maintaining a website from bWyse over coffee at Tully’s.  Then add a few more people to the table and conversation.

As the expert in your particular field you can offer the same insights to making sound business decisions, sound client management practices or sound industry standards to other Biznik members who will share and share alike by hosting a Biznik event, by building relationships, by expanding your network to get the information, services and referrals that you need.

Now, here's a call to action . . . go to and see for yourself what a cool site this is, founded by socially conscience indies who know how to share and build a network.