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Effective Facebook Wall Posts for Businesses Part 2
By: June Bachman ~ 2/28/2012 9:45:00 AM

Last week we posted the first part of our two part series on writing effective facebook wall posts.  Here is part 2.

How many times per week should you post to your fan page wall?
It is important to also recognize there is strategy to how often you post during the week.  Just like your daily strategy, it is again about quality not quantity.  Plan to post between one and four times per week.  User engagement is the best when posts are four or fewer days of the week.  In face engagement is 71% higher than those who post to their fan pages five or more days of the week.

How long should each post to your fan page be?

  • Keep it short and sweet – literally - the shorter the post, the higher the engagement.  Don’t be too wordy.  Think about what you are writing, and try to make it as concise as you can.
    Posts that are less than 80 characters in length receive 66% higher engagement.  Better yet, if your post is less than 40 characters, it will receive even more engagements – over 86%!

Asking questions are a terrific way to encourage fan engagement.

  • Question posts receive more than double the comments as non-question posts.  Ask a direct question and ask for the response.  Ask your fans to post, comment or tell you something.  Fans do listen, and will respond with their comments.

Use discount and coupon related keywords to motivate fans to engage more.

  • Keywords such as “$ off” and “coupon” receive higher fan engagement.  “$ off” receives a 55% higher engagement and “coupon” receives 39% more engagement.  Other keywords that work are “offer” and “discount”.  Avoid the following which don’t help engagement:
    • Clearance
    • Bargain
    • Save
    • Deal
    • % off
    • Sale

We hope our two part series on posting to your fan page wall clears up some of the unknowns about keeping your fans engaged.  Additionally, we hope that it inspires you to start working your fan page more routinely!