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Facebook Rolls Out OFFERS
By: June Bachman ~ 5/1/2012 9:45:00 AM

Facebook has eliminated it “Check-in Deals” and launched “Offers” instead.  Check-in Deals were tied to a business’s physical location and required users to check-in to redeem the offer.  The new Offers feature doesn’t have these constraints.

Offers allow Facebook Page admins to post offers for free on their own pages, without having to get Facebook approval first.  Additionally, you can boost the reach of your offers by creating a sponsored story or premium ad – both of which are paid services.

The new Offers feature will appear in your status bar, where you make your posts.  Select the “+” view more choices.  If the Offer option is available, it will be displayed.  Offers is currently in beta, so not all Pages have the option yet.  If you don’t have the feature you can visit this page for more information and request the link be added to your Page.

  • If you do have the option to create an offer … here are a few steps:
    • Go to your Page
    • From the sharing tool at the top of your Page's timeline, click Offer, Event + and then click Offer
    • Type a strong headline for your offer, ex. "Buy one pair of socks, get another pair free."
    • Upload a photo for your offer that will stand out in thumbnail size
    • Choose to limit the number of claims by clicking Unlimited and selecting a number from the dropdown
    • Set an expiration date by clicking today's date and clicking a different day in the future
    • Add terms and conditions of your offer
    • Click Preview
    • Review what your offer will look like, then click Post
    • If you want to make changes to your offer when you're previewing it, click Edit to go back and make changes.

Users can redeem the offer by tapping on the linked words “Get Offer”, which will send the offer to the user’s email account.  When an offer is redeemed a story is added about the claim into the Page’s feed, and the user’s Timeline (depending on the user’s privacy settings).

Offers are a fabulous way to invite fans to engage with your Page, as well as extend your brand.  For more help with Offers, you can visit Facebook's help page, or just give bWyse a call!