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How to be Heard Facebook Promoted Posts
By: June Bachman ~ 1/7/2013 9:00:00 AM

Have you ever wondered who really sees the posts from your Facebook Fan Page?  One of the great things about a Facebook Fan Page is the ability to communicate regularly with your community by posting useful, engaging information.  In the beginning, all of your posts were easily viewed by all of your fans via their newsfeeds.  It was even better when they liked or commented on your posts, because their friends would also view your posts.  However, over the years Facebook has tweaked who gets to see what in their newsfeeds.

Here is how it works today.  There are four main factors that are considered when Facebook determines if a Page post is to be displayed in the newsfeed.

A Page post is likely to be displayed when

  1. A fan has interacted with your posts in the past.  Fans who like your posts, or comment on your posts will see your posts in their newsfeeds.
  2. Other fans are interacting with the post.  When fans interact with your post it is more likely to be included in other fans newsfeeds.
  3. Fans interact with similar type posts.  So if your fans typically like photos, the photo you posts is more likely to be displayed in the newsfeeds.
  4. The last factor takes complaints into consideration.  Page posts that receive complaints in the past are likely to not be displayed in the future on newsfeeds.

If you are motivated to have your Page posts appear on more of your fans, and friends of fans newsfeeds, you can always pay to promote your posts.  Last fall, Facebook added this feature where you can pay from $5 on up, depending on the reach you desire, to have your post show up on more newsfeeds.

Promoting posts is a good idea, when you really want your post to be seen by more Facebook fans.  Keep in mind, even if your posts are being displayed in newsfeeds, lots of people have thousands of fans, and your posts could be easily buried in their newsfeed threads or comments could be filtered out.  Promoted posts avoid this situation, and ensure that friends of fans will see the posts.
Promoting posts is a simple process.

  • Create your post
  • Select PROMOTE and select the reach you want (and price).
  • Select the SET BUDGET button
  • Select the POST button

Have you used the Promoted Posts feature in Facebook?  What do you think about it?  Please comment below to share with our readers how you liked, or didn't like this feature.