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Facebook Updates Cover Image Rules
By: June Bachman ~ 1/15/2013 9:00:00 AM

Starting today - January 15th, 2013 – Facebook changed its policy about cover photos, page post ads and sponsored stories (including links, offers and mobile application installations).  In short, you can’t promote images that contain more than 20% text in them.  You can still post images that contain more than 20% text … you just won’t be able to promote them.

Facebook will take down cover images that violate the rules – and you also run the risk of having your page removed completely.  If you think you may be violating the policy, play it safe and change your cover image!

Here are Facebook’s guidelines:

  • Photos should be of real people and real things.  Research indicates that photos of real people, situations and things trigger emotional responses that are longer lasting and compelling than those with just words or text.
  • Text on images should be minimal.  Text on images are viewed as inauthentic, and may inspire negative reactions.
  • Use brand logos, campaign slogans and taglines sparingly.  Choose a photo of your products being used, as opposed to a static image with your slogan.
  • Keep your images simple and straightforward.
  • Cover images may not include:
    • Price or purchase information
    • Contact information, website addresses, email or mailing addresses.
    • References to Facebook features/actions such as LIKE or SHARE.
    • Calls to action

Facebook plans to create a tool to help you figure out the percentage of text in your images.  Facebook’s goal is to increase the overall quality of images that appear in user profiles and news feeds – they don’t want users’ news feeds cluttered with images that look like ads.

Are you going to have to change your Facebook images?