A Look Back Video Thank You Facebook!

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A Look Back Video Thank You Facebook!
By: June Bachman ~ 2/13/2014 9:10:00 AM


On February 4th, Facebook celebrated its 10th Anniversary!  As a thank you to it’s members, Facebook created “A Look Back” video – a compilation of highlights of your past five years on Facebook.

You can find your video by visiting www.facebook.com/lookback  I have to admit … I was really impressed with Facebook’s ability to create such a moving video.  I had to wipe away a tear!

Additionally, for those of you who may not like your video as much as I did … Facebook provided the opportunity to be able to edit your video.  Just select the edit button in the upper right hand corner.

You’ll have the chance to edit the following: 18 options for the three slots in “My First Moments,” including the three that were already chosen by Facebook. 16 options for the four slots in “My Most Liked Posts,” including the four that were already chosen. 59 options for “Uploaded Photos,” including the 38 that were already chosen.

When you’re through … don’t forget to hit the green Share Your Movie button to post it to your wall.

And as always, if you have Facebook questions don’t forget to shoot Wendy and email … she’d love to help you out!  wendy@bwyse.com