Facebook Announced a Redesign of the Business Brand Pages

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Facebook Announced a Redesign of the Business Brand Pages
By: June Bachman ~ 3/17/2014 9:45:00 AM

bWyse Blog Facebook Update AgainFacebook is at it again.  Ever striving to improve the user experience, they are beginning to roll out design updates to your business brand page.  Once again the changes are both dramatic, and controversial – you’ll either love em’ or hate em’!


Here is a brief overview of what some of the new design element are:


  • One-column layout (on the right) – No longer will you need to remember to bounce your eyes back and forth between two columns to see all of the posts on a page.  All of the different types of posts will now display the same on your business brand page, on your news feed, and even when the posts are shared to a timeline.  Some of the features that allowed us to highlight content are no longer available to us in this new one-column layout.
  • About is now in the left column -- Details about your business will now be highlighted in the left column, including photos and videos.
  • Custom tabs are no longer displayed – You remember those four little boxes/thumbnails that used to display below your cover image.  Your fans will now need to know to click the MORE link to be able to view your applications.
  • Cover image display – Now your business name and your category are displayed over the cover image in white text.  You’ll need to take a look at your cover image to ensure it looks good.  Additionally, your profile photo will display higher on the cover image.  So plan to update your cover and profile photos after your page receives the updated layout.


Additionally, Facebook has improved your business brand page insights by adding “pages to watch”.  Page admins will now have the ability to add competitor or similar pages to their insights to be able to compare and contrast likes and engagement.  For example, if you notice a competitor’s engagement is higher this week, go look to see what they are doing!


All in all, Facebook’s intent – as always, is to improve the user’s experience.  What are your thoughts … do you love it, or hate it?