Facebook’s Organic Feed Reach Strategies

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Facebook’s Organic Feed Reach Strategies
By: June Bachman ~ 6/5/2014 9:22:00 AM

bWyseInternetMarketing_FacebookReachIncrease.jpgTwo years ago, you could count on at least 16% of your Facebook Fans seeing your posts.  In October 2013 the reach was 12% and by February of 2014 it had plummeted down to about 2%.  In the past year alone, that means that most businesses have experience a drop in their overall reach of nearly 40%.


So … what can you do to organically increase the reach and get more fans to see your posts?


Post More Often

Extra posts can lead to an increase in reach.  When you post twice, Facebook only overlaps the fans that see both posts by 30%.  This means that 70% of the fans who see the second posts … didn’t see your first post.


Encourage Fans to Share More (Like Less)
If individual users share your posts Facebook then recognizes the post as being from a USER, as opposed to being from a brand.  User posts are not filtered nearly as much as brand posts are filtered.  Additionally, this will rank your Facebook content higher in the friends of those fans who share your posts.


Post Links More, and Photos Less
In general posting links can increase your reach over 65% more than when you post an image.  Although your links may receive less engagement by your fans, Facebook values link posts.  Besides, you are able to include an image with your link post … so do that!


And … when all else fails … if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Facebook advertising is something to consider.  For pennies on the dollar you can always use the boost a post feature to ensure your posts are seen by more users.