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How to Reach More People on Facebook
By: June Bachman ~ 2/19/2015 9:00:00 AM


bWyseBlog_FacebookNewsfeedUpdates1.jpgFacebook is continually adjusting the Newsfeed algorithm which affects who sees your posts … and who doesn’t.  This applies to both your personal Facebook profile, as well as your business brand Facebook page.

Here are a few strategies to try out, that may help your posts be seen by a greater percentage of your audience!

Post before and after normal work hours.  Obviously there are more posts occurring during normal work hours.  Just by virtue of not posting during this time frame, your posts will be competing with fewer posts to be seen.  Facebook statistics show that interactions and engagements are higher with posts that are posted early in the morning, or after dinner time.  And, between early morning and evening …  evening is best.

Post links and include a description.  You can certainly post just a link, and Facebook does all the work for you … adding the image, link and some text.  However, not only are more link posts seen, but engagements are also higher, when you include a sentence or two describing what the user will gain by clicking on the link.

Write posts that are either super short or super long.  Posts that have fewer than 40 characters as well as posts that more than eighty words also receive more visibility and engagement.  More than eighty words resulted in doubling the user engagement.

Posts more links … not just photos.  Facebook weighs link posts higher than it does photo posts, which will increase the likelihood of your post being viewed by your audience in their newsfeed.  Photo posting used to be the way to go to increase user engagement.  This is no longer true.  Don’t forget about posting videos … in fact, videos is one of the most effective ways to reach users’ newsfeeds.