Facebook Features for 2016

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Facebook Features for 2016
By: June Bachman ~ 1/15/2016 9:00:00 AM

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Here is a brief sampling of some of the new features and functions that Facebook has included to enhance how businesses can make the most of their users’ Facebook experience.

Facebook Mentionswww.facebook.com/mentions

If you are familiar with online live video sharing social services such as Periscope and Meerkat, you may want to explore Facebook Mentions.  Currently only available for public figures, Facebook is in the process of rolling this service out to verified business pages.  This feature allows you to share your live video online with others!

Video engagement on Facebook is higher than any other social platform (including YouTube and Instagram)!

Facebook Professional Serviceswww.facebook.com/services

Facebook wants to be the go-to you turn to when seeking a professional service recommendation for businesses.  Facebook Services works more like Google+ than Yelp, but it is another great resource to find review information about businesses.


Facebook and Uber/Lyft Integration

Facebook has added Uber to its Messenger service.  Ultimately this means that users can use Facebook instead of native apps to use services such as Uber or Lyft.

Facebook Shopping – New!

Facebook has added a buy button to allow their ecommerce partners to sell products online through Facebook (via Shopify).  This is a new effort that Facebook intends to continue to grow.

Facebook Events – Improved!

Facebook events application has been around since the beginning of Facebook.  However, they’ve recently improved the features and functionality of this app.  You can now do all of the following using Facebook Events:

    • Browse invitations
    • Accept/decline invitations (public and private)
    • Bookmarks
    • RSVPs
    • Schedules
    • Calendar entries
    • Ticket buying
    • Check-ins
    • Photos

Join us for our Facebook is Fabulous! Class.
February 10th & 17th, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Click to Register and for More Information