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Intranet System - Document Sharing

Price: only $600

Get Started for $300!


Do you need a powerful way to save time, money and resources?

  • Want to easily share ideas and content?
  • Need a password protected place to store shared documents and information?
  • Seeking a way for customers to view specific reports and data?
  • Seeking an affordable web site design solution?

bWyse Wyse Yettie is the web site design solution for you!

  • Access your documents and files anytime, from any location
  • Admin Tool included - easy to create accounts and upload documents
  • Ability to control who sees what within the intranet

Intranet Module - A dynamic module that allows you to share files or communicate targeted messages to your website visitors and users. With the Intranet Module, your site will have a password protected area, where you control who can enter to this protected area and what they can see.

The Intranet Module features include:

  • Multiple user login
  • Password protected area
  • Customizable welcome messages for every user in the intranet
  • Ability to upload documents to the website
  • Ability to control who sees what


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