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From the beginning as a Web Design Company bWyse has sought “clients for life.”  That means we work hard to listen to your needs, identify your strengths and create web design services that maximize your small business potential.  The success of our clients has meant that bWyse, in business since 2003, continues to grow and serve small business as an internet marketing and web design company.  bWyse is YOUR small business web design company!

bWyse would not be able to provide such high-quality professional web design service without our fabulous team! Our team is dedicated to the success of our customers, our company and each other.  We understand and respect the contributions and achievements of each colleague—and support personal growth through education, training, new opportunities, and most importantly, lots of fun!

June Bachman - Founder Founder

June Bachman

When June meets new clients, she never actually says, “welcome to our family,” but that’s who you are: family.  This feeling grows as she patiently and professionally identifies your skills, nurtures your talents and offers expert advice gleaned from a successful 20-year career in both technical and managerial positions (including responsibility for more than 10,000 Web sites in the Puget Sound area).

Family Matters
In 2002, when June developed the bWyse business plan, she naturally turned to her own tight-knit family for support and expertise.  She built the company with the help of her sister, Wendy; her father, Walt; and Wendy’s husband, Randy.  Together they’ve made bWyse unique—a different kind of Web-design company that delivers meticulously designed sites, innovative services and an ever-evolving list of support products.

Past Meets Present
Her technical expertise in Web-application development and strategic Internet marketing means enhanced performance and increased profitability for her clients.  She honed these skills while at Lion, Inc., where she served as Chief Technology Officer for five years overseeing the company’s: 

  • Internal technology infrastructure
  • Internal business systems
  • Web-application development of hosted products and services
  • Client contract fulfillment, including profit-and-loss responsibility totaling $6 million annually.
  • Under her leadership, her staff excelled as she recognized their strengths and provided opportunities for themt o thrive.  Prior to that position, she served as the director of project management, directing activities related to product information and development and organizational processes and systems.

Earlier in her career, June worked as a high-tech managerial consultant and organizational theorist in the non-profit, public and private sectors (including Boeing and Tidemark Solutions (dot.com). She also served five years with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, and opened the SW Washington Regional Consumer-protection office for the state.

June’s educational degrees include:

  • B.S. in Politics and Government (legal emphasis), University of Puget Sound, Seattle. 
  • Post Graduate work in Business Administration (MBA) and Public Administration (MPA), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
  • Masters of Science in Project Management (technology emphasis), City University, Seattle, Washington.

Wendy Ogryzek - Co-Founder Co-Founder

Wendy Ogryzek

Wendy is a natural in the role of bWyse project manager. She has an uncanny ability to know what her customers need—and she makes sure that’s exactly what bWyse delivers. With meticulous organizational skills, she tenaciously tracks every step along the way, from initial concept through design and implementation. You might say that if June is the bWyse computer, Wendy is its keyboard—the communicator who makes everything come to life.

Family Circle
Wendy considers it a privilege to work with her own family, and she fosters a close, family-like relationship with all her clients. As a lateral thinker, she can anticipate problems and solve them before they ever occur. And she uses her keen memory to maintain a mental database of important information ranging from client preferences to important dates in their lives (and even the name of their new puppy!).

Wendy’s greatest asset to bWyse is her ability to create a strong, internal support structure. Her attention to detail, coupled with a thorough understanding of the financials—invoicing, accounting, tracking, billing—ensures the company’s credibility and longevity in the marketplace.

Good Humor
No story about Wendy would be complete without mentioning her good-hearted humor. Her love of life is contagious. She can meet you on your current level and gently—but firmly—push you toward your goals. (Sometimes clients even make up excuses to call, just to get a dose of good cheer!)

A Smorgasbord of Talent
Wendy brought to bWyse a strong background in administration, accounting and customer service in the insurance and foodservice industries; she also worked in debt-management and credit counseling. She holds a degree in culinary arts and a degree in business administration from Lake Washington Technical College.

Giving Back
Community service is a family affair, as Wendy and June have worked together on numerous volunteer programs for area non-profit organizations. They donated Web site designs for the Renton Civic Theatre and Dojo, a Japanese martial arts discipline; they also serve on the Dojo board. For the Stella Schola Choice School in Seattle, Wendy and June designed a large Web site to facilitate its day-to-day administration; they also contribute hundreds of volunteer hours for school administration and special events. In addition, they have been active with the Cub and Boy Scouts.

Walt Bachman - Co-Founder, Director, Mentor (aka: K’huna) Co-Founder, Director, Mentor (aka: K’huna)

Walt Bachman

Part of the bWyse adventure from the beginning, Walt has been the driving force in defining and guiding the success of our organization.  Prior to his involvement with bWyse, Walt had been enjoying a peaceful retirement with his wife Terri.  Walt retired from Boeing following a twenty-five year career as a Principle Technical Designer.  He is our master deal maker and keeps the team focused as well as motivated.  In addition, he is responsible for building our computers.  He also enjoys following the race car drivers and providing us with the necessary information to keep their racing results up-to-date.  Not a day goes by that we don’t turn to him for guidance and advice.

Randy Ogryzek - Chief Engineer and Overall 'Smart Guy' Chief Engineer and Overall 'Smart Guy'

Randy Ogryzek

It wasn’t long before we discovered that we needed additional hands and brains at our growing company.  Once again, we turned to the family to see who could lend a hand.  And of course, Wendy's husband, Randy, was the perfect choice. 

By day, Randy is part of the Microsoft team, keeping their servers running worldwide.  We feel extremely fortunate that he shares his expertise with bWyse in his down time.  Randy takes on the responsibilities of building our Web sites and tackling all the technically difficult and challenging tasks we send him.  He does the “heavy lifting,” elevating our custom development to the highest level and adding an impressive list of bells and whistles.

Randy’s most important asset for bWyse is his ability to literally build anything. His increased involvement in bWyse has meant that we have been able to achieve our company goals ahead of schedule—by as much as two and a half years.

Working together, our partnership is like the three legs of stool—not that anyone is sitting down on the job!

April Bachman - Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative

April Bachman

April is lively and energetic, who keep everyone smiling at the office.  She is a very hard worker and is a terrific addition to the bWyse team.

April is responsible for both administrative as well as technical tasks.  For example, you may chat with her when you call our office.  Or, she might be the one who actually incorporates the updates to your Web site!  April is also one of our best Web site testers.   The way we see it, if a teenager can navigate a Web site with ease—then so can the surfers of the world.  Additionally, she maintains the office supplies, open and distrutes mail, and takes care of our filing, as well as other routine office organizational tasks!

She is a valuable asset and we are so very fortunate to have her expertise!

Teresa Mitchell - Virtual Project Manager Virtual Project Manager

Teresa Mitchell

“Find your inspiration wherever you can.”  This quote defines bWyse's Virtual Project Manager.  Teresa is a successful small business owner with an extensive background in sales, marketing, literacy projects, and web design.  She holds degrees in Geography and Environmental History from Fairhaven College.

A native of Snohomish County, Teresa’s first “a-Ha!” moment with computers came when her new friend, June Bachman, showed her in the early 1990’s that, in faSocksAndTM.jpgct, a person could actually save work they’d done on a computer.  The internet, before her tenure at bWyse, was simply a useful research tool.  Now she sees the internet as the single greatest marketing tool at a small business owner's disposal. 

Socks_2.jpgIn early 2008, she took a "right" turn out of Snohomish County, landing on a knoll that overlooks the fruits of the Yakima Valley.  She supports the bWyse team virtually with special projects and the details of launching, updating and maintaining our customer's sites. 

Off time is spent horsing around -- learning  Dressage with her rescued Shire Cross Socks Mitchell and driving a little mule named Rosie over the hills and through the hop fields. 

We are proud to have her as part of our team!