Keyword Phrases Series Part 2: Tools to Generate a List of Keyword Phrases for Your Website

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Keyword Phrases Series Part 2: Tools to Generate a List of Keyword Phrases for Your Website
Written By: June Bachman ~ 4/17/2020 9:00:00 AM


Tools to Generate a List of Keyword Phrases for Your Website

Every small business owner wants their website to be found by their potential customers.  Being first on Google or Bing search results may not be your ultimate goal.  However, making it easy for your prospects to find your website should be one of your goals.  Understanding and choosing the best keyword phrases it where you start!

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Simply put … keyword phrases are the most important part of any Search Engine Optimization strategy.  As we mentioned in Part 1, it is important today to think of keyword in terms of concepts, as opposed to individual terms and words.

Begin: Make a List of Your Concepts or Themes

List out five different niche market concepts/themes for your business.

For example, if you are a mattress store, your list may look like:

    • Mattresses
    • Bed Frames
    • Pillows and Sheets
    • Kids Beds
    • Blankets and Bedding

Search content aggregator websites to help you brainstorm your concepts/themes; and expand your brainstorm list: - Search on broad keyword phrases to find articles that have a table of contents.  Review the contents for additional ideas and topics for your keyword list. - Search broad keyword phrases and review the list of blog posts.  You will find ideas and more topics to add to your brainstorm list.

Other ideas to help you brainstorm include:

Google Suggestions – When you search on Google, scroll to the bottom of the page for other topics similar to your search term. – A great tool that compiles all of the suggested search terms from a variety of search sites, including Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and more! -- UberSuggest scrapes information from the Google Suggest tool, and puts into one great big list for you.

At this point you should have a pretty comprehensive list of your keyword phrases possibilities.


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