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New Year`s Resolution? Post Regularly!
Written By: June Bachman ~ 1/5/2013 9:00:00 AM

Happy New Year!  Is there ever a better time to turn over a new leaf and start a new habit?  Last year, one of my resolutions was to blog and post regularly to our social media sites.  I started out terrific … and managed to blog and post five times a week through May … then we took a vacation and I never recovered.

Well, this year I’m back at it … and my goal is a more reasonable three times per week.  To help support my efforts and success, I’m going to use a Social Media Publishing Calendar.  My goal is to pre-think and pre-write as much as I can, when I have the time.  That way, the actual posting will be a simple, quick easy task to complete.  I’ll be much less likely to procrastinate a simple, quick task … and Wendy will be much happier knowing the task is actually getting done!

So, first I decided what platforms were the most important to our company.  As many of you can hear Wendy echoing in your head … your blog is your publishing foundation.  Needless to say, I will be blogging on a regular three to five times per week.  Additionally, our niche market clients spend their time on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Pinterest.  So, those platforms will also require attention each week.  And finally, although not a lot of our niche is on Google+ just yet … Google is forcing small businesses to embrace the big G+ - so we’ll also need to include that in our repertoire of social media platforms.

So – what is a Social Media Publishing Calendar?  It is simply a daily calendar tool to help you generate ideas and prepare content to share with your fans, followers and readers.  It guides when, where and what content you’ll be publishing.  There are a few specific benefits:

  • planning your blog content and social media posting around specific themes
  • making sure you have enough time for research, if and when needed
  • easier to track what you’ve written about in the past
  • overall higher quality and engaging content, since you’re no longer rushing to post

One resource that has a terrific publishing template is HubSpot …

We encourage you to check out the template and see if it will work for you.

What tactics and techniques do you use to help publish your content on a regular basis?  Please comment below and share with our readers … they’d love to hear your ideas!


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