You Can Embed Your Yelp Reviews!

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You Can Embed Your Yelp Reviews!
By: June Bachman ~ 8/24/2016 9:00:00 AM

As you are already aware, Wendy and I typically don’t recommend our clients pay to use Yelp.  It is only in extreme situations that we feel Yelp is a good fit for a small business.  That being said, we always encourage our clients to claim their Yelp listings and manage the reviews they receive via Yelp.  This new feature - Embedded Reviews - allows you the ability to embed your choice of Yelp review directly to your website.

  • Hover over a review with your mouse
  • Click embed Review
  • Copy and paste the code to your site

You can grab a copy of a great review of your business …

Read Krysteen L.'s review of bWyse on Yelp

Or, if you are looking for some great content that your audience will just enjoy, you can embed the Yelp reviews of others.


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