Why Your Website Needs Secured Hosting

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Why Your Website Needs Secured Hosting
Written By: June Bachman ~ 8/10/2018 9:00:00 AM


It is really important that your website be hosted in a secured environment, with a secured certificate.

Secured Hosting Encrypts Information

Hosting your website on HTTPS protects the information sent between your website and your users. It ensures the traffic is sent over encrypted connection. Without HTTPS, the traffic can be intercepted and modified. This means what your users actually see on your website, may not be what you intend them to view.

Secured Hosting Protects You from Cybercriminals

Hosting your website on HTTPS strengthens your network, making it more difficult for your information to be intercepted by hackers. Without HTTPS, it is much easier for traffic-based hacks to occur via your website.

Secured Hosting Builds Your Brand and Trusts

Hosting your website on HTTPS will display green lock icons, and green address bars – indicating that trusted encryption is in use. Without HTTPS, the website will lack these visible trust indicators, and your website users may choose to exit your website.

To view just how easy – and scary – it is for hackers to intercept and modify your website content, watch the following video.

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