Reasons Why Your Blog May Suck

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Reasons Why Your Blog May Suck
Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/2/2018 9:00:00 AM

BWYSEBLOG_blogsucks.jpgWe know.  Blogging is really hard.  But is the single-most important effort that will truly make (or break) your entire internet marketing success.  In other words, if you do nothing else … you must have a blog for your small business.  And, you must do a good job of working on your blog on a regular basis.

Here are just a few reasons why blogs suck … and make blogging harder to accomplish.

Do You Have a Goal for Your Blog?

It is best to have a focused goal for your blog.  Otherwise you blog could easily slip into just being a bunch of random ramblings. Your blog should always be defined to: Teach your readers something Offer value to your readers Showcase your expertise and knowledge Be specific to your industry – focus on a niche

Do You Plan Time Each Week to Work on Your Blog?

Like we said above … Blogging is hard – and it takes time and effort each week.  Blogs that are posted at random times, with long breaks between posts quickly communicate to readers that you aren’t making a regular effort to keep your blog updated.  So, why would they be interested in returning on a regular basis to read your blog if you’re not updating often and routinely? Get organized with a good plan, before you start blogging: Determine how often you are going to post to your blog – and stick to that schedule Block time each week on your calendar – and ONLY blog during that time Build up a backlog of blog posts, so you’re covered during busy times

Do You Promote Your Blog on a Regular Basis?

If you write it … they will read it … NOT.  We are all really, really busy – remembering that I wanted to go read a blog, and then doing it – will never, ever happen.  We have to not only right the blog posts, but also have a good plan for promoting and distributing those posts.  In fact, blogging is probably more like 25% writing and 75% promoting. Have a good plan for how to distribute your blog posts: Always include links to your blog posts in your email blasts Posts about your blogs on all of your social media platforms Team up with an industry partner and guest post on each other’s blogs

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